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Dog Training Packages

350 packages

Special training 350 packages focus on specific issues only.

They can be done on different levels.


4 x 45 min


350 CAD

Ronney the yellow lab

Puppy foundation 1-2

Building basic communication to use in daily life. Foundation sit and stay, recall, leash walk.

VUK the pomeranian

Recall & Emergency Recall 1-2-3

Basic, intermediate and advanced recall situations. Can be included: Positive interactor cue and gun dog whistle training. 

Nora the border collie mix

Basic Manners

Adolescent dog issues: jumping, mouthing, greeting at the door and on leash.

jasper the golden retriever

Conditioned Relaxation 1-2

Lots of dog needs to learn how to settle and relax. This class teaches conditioned relaxation, and other techniques to teach your dog relax, go to place and settle. Also relaxation protocol can be included

Izzy the black mouth curr

Lowering Arousal 

These class = games and fun exercises for walks.  Helps dogs to re-orient to owner, slow down on walks, be more attentive.

don the mexican rescue

Leash Walking

This class entirely focus on leash walking. Starts with lowering your dog arousal level and slowing him down, with leash techniques and leash walking trainig.

All Inclusive Packages

These packages offer all-inclusive solutions for more complex behavior problems, reactiveness, prey drive/chasing and aggressive behavior.

Includes full 90 min assessment and 12 x 45min sessions

999 CAD

Dzsin the whit Swiss shepherd

Predation Substitute Training 

Based on Simon Mueller Predation Substitute Training, the Call off the Chase. 

Rescue from Texa

Reactive Dog All Inclusive

On street reactive dog management and training for any age and level and type of reactiveness. W/detailed, tried practical advices, tailored to you and your dog.

Izzy in the forest

Aggressive Behavior Modification

Resource guarding, Dog-dog aggression, dog-human aggression, territorial aggression, fear aggression. Management, prevention, safety and training

Aggressive dog training

Territorial aggression

Dog to dog, dog to human aggression.

Resource guarding.

Fence fighting. Intrahousehold aggression
Prevention, safety, management and behavior modification
Functional Analysis, Applied behavior analysis. BAT and CAT

Aggressive Dog Policy

  • The Client must inform the Trainer of any history of aggression or behavioral issues that the dog(s) may have.

  • The Trainer reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services if the dog(s) pose a danger to the Trainer, the Client, or others.

  • The Client agrees to comply with the Trainer's safety instructions, which may include the use of appropriate equipment (e.g., muzzles) and meeting setup to ensure a safe training environment.

  • The Trainer has zero tolerance for non-compliance with safety rules. If the Client fails to follow agreed safety rules, the Trainer reserves the right to terminate the session and leave the premises.

  • The continuation of training services is contingent upon the Client's adherence to safety instructions during sessions. Failure to comply may result in the Trainer refusing to continue training the dog(s).


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This is

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Krisztina Harasztosi

Certified and Accredited Dog Trainer

Certified Behavior Consultant

Let's Speak Dog!

Using positive reinforcement and fear-free techniques, I can help empower you and your dog to address behavior issues and foster cooperation. Let’s create a harmonious bond with your canine companion.

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