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Services & Prices


Private training and behavior consultation

Price list

Assessment                                                              195 CAD

Assessment plus an extra session                255 CAD

Puppy Assessment under 5 months             145 CAD

30 min video consultation                              50 CAD

Assessment includes  at least 45 min up to 90min (as needed)  in-person consultation, questionnaires, management, prevention and training recommendations. Short phone or video chat before meeting, as needed.  Including electronic and/or printed handouts. Home visit for extra charge.

Further training sessions

45 min session                    85 CAD

Discount packages

4 sessions                 325 CAD

6 sessions                475 CAD

10 sessions              750 CAD

Packages can be used flexibly over 2/3/5 months of periods, in case we need to take a break for any reason, induvidual schedules are possible to support the training efficiency.

In my private training sessions I focus on your dog breed, personality, specific temperament, and behavior. I find the best scientifically proven, positive reward based techniques and methods.  I am always keeping the training fun for dog and owner. And setting your best friend and you up for success.

Prices are based on Gibsons locations!

I assess the function of the behaviors and use Applied Behavior Analysis to lead you to change the unwanted behavior to an acceptable/welcomed one.

I am fear and force free trainer. I use positive reinforcement training (reward)

I do not use physical or verbal punishment of any kind.


Training Locations

Gibsons Legion`s Parking lot

Gibsons Elementary School Field

Dougall Park

Winegarden park and seawalk trail

Brother`s Park (Gibsons Rec. Center Field)

Sunnycrest Mall

Home visit chages

 +15 CAD Gibsons/Robert`s Creek

10km +25 CAD Gibsons/Robert`s Creek

15km +40 CAD Robert`s Creek and Wilsons Creek

20km +50 CAD Wilson`s Creek, Davis Bay

25km + 80 CAD Sechelt

50km + app.160 CAD Madeira Park

Locations over 25km will be calculated based on exact address, travel time and fuel.

Matching Goldens

Valued Customer Discount 

Single training / consultation 75 CAD

45 min for customers already worked with me (you have already had an assessment)

Your last session was less than 6 months ago

Certain Gibsons locations only, other locations with extra charge

5 % off from package prices after initial consultation, if further training is needed.


Reactive and aggressive dog training and behavior Consultation

After assessment, pls choose from 4/6/10 sessions packages.

On street reactive dog management and training for any age and level and type of reactiveness. With detailed, tried practical advices, tailored to yours and your dog`s needs.
Muzzle training.
Territorial aggression, dog to dog, dog to human aggression. Resource guarding. Fence fighting. 
Prevention, safety, management and behavior modification
Functional Analysis, Applied behavior analysis. BAT and CAT

Please understand. I use the safety rules, trainers use all over USA, Canada and Europe. If your dog has aggressive behavior, I need to protect myself from potential injury. I will ask you to follow safety measures, based on our previous emailing/discussion. I have zero tolerance rules on not following safety rules. I will leave the place or your property, if you do not follow the agreed safety rules.

These rules may or may not be temporary, based on you dog behavior observed by me on the assessment.

I reserve the right to refuse to train your dog, if you are not complaining with safety instructions during the training.


Puppy training

Trainings include the following

x house-,crate-, confinement training

x leash walk

x dog body language, kids and dogs, stress signs

x basic obedience (sit, come, leave it etc)

x socialization, handling and husbandry

x greeting, basic manner 

x how to play with a dog, how to supervise dog play

x behavioral help: chewing, biting, jumping, barking, fearful puppies

x And any support you need to raise a happy and successful dog.

In case of puppy training your assessment will be a

pre-puppy, or puppy start-out consultations. 

You can choose from the 4/6/10 sessions packages. (See at prices)

Under 4 months or until you feel comfortable to take your puppy to an outside location

I offer video consultation to help basic puppy issues

For close Gibsons locations (see locations) I offer home visits too.

Over 4 months

Trainings are on the designated locations in Gibsons

The dog is afraid of thunderstorms. Bulldog hiding under a blanket.jpg

Fears and phobias behavior modification

Storm, vacuum, noises, cars, trucks, places, situations. Including separation anxiety, repetitive behaviors, self-harm and vet anxiety.

I use systematic desensitization and counter-conditioning, environmental enrichment and management, functional and applied behavioral analyses to help your dog.

Services & Prices: Services
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