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Private Training &
Behavior Consultation

One on one and online dog training and consultation services


In person - 90 min              199 CAD

Online - 60 min                  169 CAD

  • 90min consultation and training with preliminary questionnaires

  • SMART goal setting

  • Documents for management, prevention, safety and

  • training recommendations / plans / schedules

  • educational materials

 are provided in electronic and some printed format.

  • 1 page QUICK HELP "THE FRIDGE NOTE" - unique summary by The Gibsons Dogrunner

Training and Consultation
AFTER Assessment

In person 45 min  99 CAD

Online 60 min  99 CAD



Discount packages

2 sessions                 195 CAD

4 sessions                380 CAD

6 sessions                540 CAD

10 sessions    + 1 FREE session 

900 CAD

10 sessions with FREE home visits in Gibsons and Robert`s creek - please ask for details!

900 CAD

  • Home visit for extra charge.

  • Online sessions are 60 min, while in person sessions 45 min long.

  • Packages can be used up by minutes as well. 

  • Packages includes continuous communication - aid by email, text of 24/7 helpline.

  • Training plans and schedules updates and reviews - new plans and instructions as needed

  • Packages can be used flexibly over 2/3/5 months of periods, in case we need to take a break for any reason, individual schedules are possible to support the training efficiency and other client needs.

Empower your dog with science! Build trust and focus with The Gibsons Dogrunner, certified dog trainer & behavior consultant

Krisztina Harasztosi

Certified and Accredited Dog Trainer

Certified Behavior Consultant

Let's Speak Dog!

Using positive reinforcement and fear-free techniques, I can help empower you and your dog to address behavior issues and foster cooperation. Let’s create a harmonious bond with your canine companion.

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