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Ask Me Anything

What kind of training techniques / methods do you use?

I am a positive reinforcement trainer. I use food, toys, playing or other activities to reinforce the right behaviors and teach cues and new behaviors. 
I do not use physical or verbal punishment. I do not do avoidance training. I do not use pain or intimidation.
I am a force and fear free trainer.

Can I have just a single session?

After the assessment you can have a single session for 85 CAD.

Why I need an assessment? 

I need to collect information about your dog, your family, your dog`s life, history and health to be able to find the best techniques and right methods to train your dog, in the way you and your dog will be successful together.

What is included in the assessment?

An optional 15 min phone or video call and 45 min in-person consultation, analyzing your answers to my questionnaires, observing and testing your dog, written recommendation for management, prevention and training. 
Electronic and printed handouts.

What is difference between training and behavior modification?

In case of training we want to teach something to your dog.
While in case of behavior modification we want to get rid of an unwanted behavior and teach an acceptable one for the same trigger or situation.

Can you train out unwanted behaviors?

You can not "unteach" unwanted behaviors. You teach a new, alternative behavior and reinforce that. This way it will be more beneficial for your dog to the the new behavior, than the old one. So slowly he will abandon the old behavior and more and more often offer the new one.

Do you walk dogs?

No, I do not walk dogs anymore.
I used to be a professional dog walker. I was specialized to private walks for dogs with issues. Reactive dogs, old dogs with dog dementia (cognitive dysfunction), fearful dogs, puppies, dogs with injuries, etc.

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Krisztina Harasztosi

Certified and Accredited Dog Trainer

Certified Behavior Consultant

Let's Speak Dog!

Using positive reinforcement and fear-free techniques, I can help empower you and your dog to address behavior issues and foster cooperation. Let’s create a harmonious bond with your canine companion.

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