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Krisztina Harasztosi and VUK, pomeranian dog 2018

Diploma in Dog Obedience Training
Diploma in Dog Behavior Consultation
Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer
AnimalKind Accredited

Krisztina Harasztosi with her schipperke dog


Aggression in Dogs Master Course 

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Certified Instructor

Predation Substitute Training

(helping with chasing, recall and leash walk for high energy dogs) by Simon Mueller

B.A.T. Behavior Adjustment Training (Reactive dog training, empowering dogs)  by Grisha Stewart Academy



Krisztina Harasztosi is running with, Wonka, the pitbull

How it started?

In 2017 while working at the Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Center I established my dog walking business: The Gibsons Dogrunner. I was specializing in private walks for dogs with special needs, including puppies, senior dogs, dogs with health issues, and reactive dogs.

And why Dogrunner? I also had a service: running with dogs.


Importance of education

Recognizing the importance of science-based knowledge to effectively serve my community, I have pursued multiple certificates and diplomas, culminating in two board certifications from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

No fear, no force, no aversive

My focus is on helping dogs who are fearful, reactive, hyper, or aggressive, as well as preventing these issues from developing in puppies. I am dedicated to fear-free, force-free, aversive-free, and science-based training techniques. I enjoy working with dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds, including many rescue dogs.

I have always believed in the sentience of animals and the effectiveness of positive reinforcement. Scientific evidence supports this belief, showing that punishment-based training is not only unnecessary but also cruel, often leading to increased anxiety and fear in animals. One of the many research,than%20dogs%20from%20Group%20Reward.


It is important for me to be part of the aversive-free and fear-free trainer community to support these organizations and educate dog guardians about better choices than punishment. I am professional member of the Initiative Force-Free Dog Training Organization and AnimalKind Accredited by the BCSPCA.

Logo of the Force Free Dog trainer organization
Logo of The AnimalKind Accreditation by BCSPCA

Excellence for my community

I feel blessed to live in the beautiful Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, BC. Serving the Coast communities, I offer  private training sessions, customizing behavior modification plans to meet the unique needs of each dog and owner. This approach fosters strong, harmonious relationships. In more complex cases, I collaborate with local veterinarians, highlighting the strong professional relationships I've built within the community. I also maintain open communication with other trainers and dog professionals, believing that collaboration among those dedicated to humane animal training is crucial.

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