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Dog Walking Meditation

Have you ever heard about walking meditation?

I find those more natural, than just sitting somewhere with closed eyes. When you do walking meditation you focus on your breath first. You take a deep breath, and maybe you do 3 slower inhale and exhale while you count 1 -inhale, and-hold, 2-exhale and repeat. You can also focus on your steps, left, right, left, right... then focus on your surrounding..... so I tried this with my dog. And I found it beneficial for me and my dog as well.

How do I do it?

I get my dog on my left side and ask her to sit. Maybe a look as well.

I take a deep breath and say Let`s go.

Here we for a walk

Then I focus on OUR steps and on my DOG. Her body language.

Meanwhile I keep breathing (Right? Don`t forget this one :) )

Deep breath, inhale, and hold, exhale. Checking my surrounding .... what`s going on around us.

Best to do on a non-busy forest trail. Walking slowly, enjoying the forest with all my senses.

And let my dog stop and sniff.

When she stops and engages in sniffing, I take a deep breath and focus on my breath.

One - inhale, and-hold, Two-exhale... usually I get only to 4 or 6 and my dog wants to walk again.

So much for pulling them around because they want to sniff. I found most of the dogs stop for only 3-5 sec.... so just wait and let them sniff. And why let them sniff? Because it`s relaxing them. Check out this YouTube video, how dogs` heart rate decrease with sniffing. :

Instead of getting annoyed... take a deep breath.... focus on your breath, on your dog and on your surrounding....and enjoy your walk with your dog.

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