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Krisztina Harasztosi is sitting on a cliff with her dog on the Sunshine Coast

The Gibsons Dogrunner
Professional Dog Training & Dog Behavior Consultation
Sunshine Coast, BC

Specialized in Reactive and High Energy Dogs

Are you puzzled by your dog's behavior? The Gibsons Dogrunner, as a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant,  specializes in understanding and addressing a variety of canine issues. From puppy foundation training and adolescent dog behavior to reactivity, aggression, anxiety, and phobias, including separation anxiety, my approach is rooted in positive reinforcement, fear-free, aversive-free and science-based methods. I also focus on reducing arousal and managing high-energy dogs through predation substitution techniques to help them to excel in recall, leash walk and off-leash walking.
Whether you're dealing with a specific challenge or simply seeking to strengthen your bond with your furry friend, I'm here to help you and your dog speak the same language.
Based in Gibsons and serving all of the Sunshine Coast, BC.

Let's transform confusion into connection and build a harmonious relationship with your canine companion!

Certified & Accredited Dog Trainer
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Krisztina Harasztosi MSc.


Professional dog training,
dog behavior consultation

  • Certified and accredited by the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants)

  • AnimalKind Accredited by BCSPCA

  • Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer

Ethical, positive dog trainer

  • Science-based

  • Free of Aversive, Fear or Force

  • Welfare-focused

  • Function-drived

  • Built on Trust and Cooperation

Experienced canine professional

  • Complex behavior modification

  • Fear and phobias

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Aggressive behavior, including bite cases

  • Resource Guarding

  • Predatory behavior / chase 

  • Reactive dog management and training 

  • Puppy foundation

  • Basic Manner

  • Recall, leash walk, off leash

Mission Statement

I am dedicated to providing positive reward-based training grounded in the latest scientific research. As a certified and ethical dog trainer and behavior consultant, I prioritize your dog's well-being, ensuring a stress-free, fear-free, and pain-free learning environment. My mission is to foster a trusting, positive relationship between you and your dog, tailored to their unique needs and personality.

Aversive Free Guarantee

I am steadfast in our commitment to aversive-free training. I do not use choke collars, e-collars, prong collars, intimidation, or pressure in any form. My training methods prioritize positive reinforcement and LIFE approach, ensuring a safe and humane approach to behavior modification. Your dog's well-being and trust are my top priorities, and I am dedicated to resolving behavior issues without resorting to aversive tools or techniques.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

As a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, I guarantee exceptional customer service and support. My approach is customized to each client's goals and concerns, with a strong commitment to ongoing communication and continued education. While the outcome of training cannot be guaranteed due to the many variables involved, I assure you of my unwavering dedication to my methods and to ensuring your satisfaction with my professional services.

Expertise and Excellence

I bring excellence and expertise to dog training through my certifications, diplomas, and ongoing education. As a Board Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), Accredited Dog Trainer (ADT-IAABC), and Certified Fear Free Trainer, I ensure the highest standards in science-based, non-aversive, and fear-free methods. My commitment to continuous education guarantees that I stay at the forefront of canine behavior science, focusing on welfare and functional reinforcers to help you and your dog build a harmonious and cooperative relationship.

If you’d like more information about my dog training plans, get in touch today.

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More About My Credentials

Dave Russell

Fantastic experience with Krisztina working with our two dogs. Krisztina did lots of prep work in advance and tailored her approach accordingly. Her depth of expertise and knowledge of canine behavior really shows. Dogs have responded very positively to the training she provided us. 


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Gibsons, BC, Canada


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